Who Needs To Step Up To Replace Folty

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 28, 2020 - 8:35 am

After a poor start on Monday night, the Atlanta Braves decided to DFA starting pitcher Mike Foltynewicz.

With King Felix opting out and Cole Hamels still injured, the Braves don't have a ton of ideal options to replace Folty in the rotation.

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The corresponding move isn't to add a starter, it's for a reliever. 

During The Morning Menu, Nick Kayal and Hugh Douglas were asked who should be the guy to replace Folty in the rotation.

There were a few options laid out for them and they discussed how the Braves really don't have any ideal choices.

"I would say Toussaint," says Hugh Douglas. "He's somebody we've looked to in the past to come in and be one of those arms we can depend on."

Kayal defaults to JoshTomlin, but not willingly, "I think it was two years ago he only had one start, most of his time is from the pen, I feel like we're patching it together. If you can get three of four innings and hand it to the pen, that might be the best option."