Snitker Should Be on 1-Year Show-Me Contract

Jon Chuckery believes the Braves did the right thing when it comes to the Braves Skipper

The Jon Chuckery Show
February 19, 2020 - 2:30 am
Brian Snitker



On Monday the Atlanta Braves announced that they had promoted general manager Alex Anthopolous to President of Baseball Operations. Anthopolous will also remain GM and have his contract extended through 2024. The Braves did not stop there as they also announced manager Brian Snitker was extended through 2021.

After this announcement, there was some criticism from some Braves fans because they believe Snitker should have received a longer extension. However, Jon Chuckery likes the decision the Braves made, and he talked about it early on in the first hour of his show. 

“At this point Brian Snitker should be on a one-year show-me type of contract deal,” Chuckery said. Jon then backed his statement by listing off a few reasons.

  • One being simply Brian Snitker’s age. At 64 years of age Jon says “I don’t know truthfully how much longer Brian Snitker wants to do this.”
  • Another reason Jon is backing the Braves' decision is because he believes Snitker has not done enough recently to receive a longer extension. “What have you done for me lately? At some point the expectation should be what are you doing for me in the playoffs”
  • Finally, Chuckery went on to say: “If this Braves team, even if they just replicate their wins 97 wins, wins the division but get knocked out, it’s a massive failure, and somebody should be held accountable for that.” Chuckery has been on the record many times saying that this is a “championship or bust” season for the Braves, and that’s how the Braves need to be looking at it as well.

Jon believes that with this Brian Snitker contract extension the Braves are looking at these next two seasons as exactly championship-or-bust seasons, and if Brian Snitker doesn’t deliver then the Braves might just have to go in a different direction. 

Brian Snitker doesn’t look at his contract as a deadline to bring the team a World Series. He looks at is as another great opportunity, and he’s just happy he got the extension at the end of the day saying “I wasn’t looking for anything, but Alex called and we talked, and I thought that was awesome what he did, so i’m excited and it’s a good feeling.”

However, you can’t help but think that with the Braves having 12-1 odds, according to Las Vegas SuperBook, to win the World Series that the Braves skipper is feeling some pressure to deliver a title to a team who hasn’t won a title since winning its first World Series in 1995.

Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, the Braves are one of the favorites not only in the NL East, but in all of baseball. Their regular season starts in Arizona against the Diamondbacks on March 26, and maybe just maybe the start to this season will be the start to a magical season for the Atlanta Braves.