Calvin Ridley: "People don't know how good Julio really is"

The rookie wide receiver says Jones is like having another coach

Dukes & Bell
July 30, 2018 - 6:26 pm



Calvin Ridley joined Dukes and Bell “I didn’t tweak my knee, practice ended and I went right in to get an IV because I was kinda dyhedrated and everyone assumed that I was injured.”

When asked about the wide receiver room since he’s arrived, Ridley said “Sanu has been a big brother to me every since I’ve been here, Julio has been here a few days and people really don’t know how good he is, he’s like a coach, he teaches everything and I’m really lucky to be here.” 

“We took the picture, got in the van and they sent me the picture to me and I said they wouldn’t have sent it to me if they weren’t ok with it, so I put it on snapchat just to be safe.”