Cam Reddish Reminds me of James Harden in OKC

Duane Walker
February 21, 2020 - 2:37 am

Atlanta Hawks solidify a victory over the Miami Heat 129- 124. While Hawks fans are spoiled by Trae Young’s amazing growth and entertainment on the court, Cam Reddish is still finding his rhythm with the Hawks as he came up with a big play against the Heat stealing the ball from Goran Dragic and finishing with a dunk. Reddish played for 37min, had 16pnts, 4 rebounds, and one assist.


Duane and fans share their enthusiasm for the future of the Hawks with the addition of Cam Reddish. Reddish reminds Duane of James Harden when he was the sixth man in Oklahoma. “All Cam Reddish needs is confidence, he’s already getting the playing time and once he puts it all together, Cam Reddish …. He’s going to be a problem!”

Many people expect him to perform at a high rate coming out the gate but we can see the potential with every time out he becomes more confident. Duane wants Cam Reddish to adopt the attitude of Trae Young, “I’m the Man!”