Can Ronald Acuña Jr. reach the 40-40 club?

Dukes & Bell
September 06, 2019 - 3:13 pm

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Our 92-9 The Game Braves Insider Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell and talked about Max Fried’s dominant performance against the Nationals Thursday night, Dallas Keuchel’s time with the Braves and whether Ronald Acuña Jr. can join the 40-40 club?

Patrick talked about how dominant Max Fried was last night.

“Max Fried, when you look at his start last night, you can argue it’s the best start that any Braves pitcher has made all year,” Patrick said. “He was almost perfect, and it was really impressive how he finished the start last night. He just seemed to be in a complete flow and the way he struck out Soto with a 96 MPH heat, it was just great to see.”

When asked about Dallas Keuchel’s performance as a Braves starter...

“It’s been an interesting turn of events for him,” Patrick said. “He came up and pitched pretty well right out of the gate, then he hit a stumbling block. But he’s pitched pretty well lately. I think we’re really seeing him be the best version of himself. He’s really starting to hit his stride.”

Can Ronald Acuña Jr. reach the 40-40 club?

“He’s picked up a couple recently,” Patrick said. “The pitchers are starting to be aware. It’s going to be tough for him to get there, but I’m not going to count him out at this point. I will always count on Ronald Acuña to defy odds. He’s been in this slump, but he’s really starting to come out of it. He’s had some good at-bats as of late.”