Can United win the US Open Cup?

Dukes & Bell
June 14, 2019 - 4:47 pm

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Atlanta United President Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the US Open Cup victory last night, and how important is to win it.

Eales talked about the game being moved and the oddity of not having any fans present.

 “The game wasn’t played in Charleston due to safety reasons with the rain.” Eales said “We were able to get it at Kennesaw State and due to it being last minute we were not able to get it staffed. The ref gave Jeff a yellow card and I told him what I thought about it, and Elena who works with us came down and told me everyone could hear my take so I had to quiet it down.”

Darren said Brandon Vazquez has looked sharp since his return.

 “He’s come back from injury and looked sharp.” Eales said “It was a strange game, they got the goal early and holding on for grim death, I didn’t think we were going to get the equalizer but we got it on a corner and were lucky enough to get the win and now play Columbus on Tuesday.”

When asked about the importance of the US Open Cup.

 “It’s important.” Eales said “The US open cup is there to be won, so why not try to win it, when we were 1 nil down going into the 70th minute I started to get frustrated because I feel like we wasted an opportunity last year when we lost to Chicago last season.”