Can Jake Fromm put up Heisman numbers?

Dukes & Bell
April 17, 2019 - 5:25 pm

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The Athletic’s Seth Emerson joined Dukes & Bell to preview G-Day, who has been impressive this spring on the offensive line and can Jake Fromm put up Heisman numbers?

Seth talked about the expected attendance for G-Day.

 “They don’t keep an actual attendance, but I think it would be somewhere around 60-70 thousand.” Emerson said “The 93K day was special because they were new here and they used it as a jumping off point to get started and to kick start the recruiting, and they’ve purposely not set a goal for the attendance since then.”

Emerson told the guys who has impressed him on the offensive line this spring.

 “Trae Hill, and I’ve not heard anything different than that. He finished the season at guard in place of Ben Cleveland, and he did a good enough job there that they moved him to center, and I’ve not seen anyone else work there and I think that’s encouraging that there haven’t been any bumps there this spring.”

Seth talked about potential hiccups for the Dawgs in their schedule.

 “Each year of the Kirby Smart era they’ve laid an egg at an SEC West opponent.” Emerson said “I look at Auburn this year and say that’s the one on paper that’s the most difficult game, it’s also the hardest to perceive with it being November 16th and not knowing what Auburn is going to be. I wonder if people might be sleeping on Notre Dame because it’s at Georgia, because UGA beat Notre Dame last year and because of them laying an egg in the playoff. Then Florida because Dan Mullen is starting to get things rolling there, it’s always in Jacksonville and it’s a rivalry game those are the main three for me.”

When asked if Jake Fromm could put up numbers to get Heisman voters attention?

 “I think we’re already having it.” Emerson said “Last year 2,749 yards in Georgia’s offense where they’re going to run the ball and with losing receivers, so the upside would be 3,000 yards with a completion percentage of 67%. I don’t think in the system that Georgia plays can a Quarterback put up huge numbers to impress the Heisman voters. I think Fromm has been a hell of a quarterback already, he can carry them a little bit more if they don’t have two thousand yard rushers but he’s already been pretty good and if he’s in New York will be more on how well the Dawgs do.”