Championship Rounds: This Time Somebody Will Get Knocked Out

Craig Carlos-Valentino
September 13, 2018 - 8:32 pm

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The guys from Championship round are back and its been way too long.  So much to talk about starting with the 147lbs championship bout between Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter.

What we learned in the fight?  What we want to see next from both fighters.  Where do both fighters rank to you in Welterweight division? 

Also it wouldn't be Mexican Independence Day Weekend without Canelo vs GGG.  What do you expect to happen Saturday night?  Will this be a better fight than their first fight? 

And The 2 Best Trash Talkers in the Heavyweight Division are getting ready to square off. Wilder/Fury Announced – How excited are you for this fight?

Last But Not Least.... Its Our Low Blows Segment.