Joe Person: Cam and Norv Turner are friends, for now

Carolina vs. Atlanta: No way Luke Kuechly misses game...

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
September 13, 2018 - 11:30 am

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Joe Person, from The Athletic, covers the Carolina Panthers and joined The Midday Show with Rick and John Thursday to preview this weekens Atlanta Falcons versus Carolina game.

They kicked off with injuries and Joe thinks Greg Olsen will try to play before the season is over and mentioned that Olsen had gone 10 years in the league without injury until recently. Joe described the Panthers' offensive mentality now that Olsen is out and said they will be going by committee with the tight end position. Joe suggested that the Panthers need to get DJ Moore involved with the offense going forward and they had him learn all the wide receiver spots so that they will be able to utilize him to the best of his ability. More injury talk and Joe emphatically told us there is no way Luke Kuechly misses the game this week after he hyper extended his knee last week.

We move to quarterback talk and Joe assured us that Cam Newton and Norv Turner are getting along fine, for the moment, because they haven’t lost a game yet. Joe joked that the Panthers had to rely on Newton as a runner last week but it isn’t something Turner wants to do on a regular basis.

They talk about defending Julio Jones and what he thinks the plan will be for Carolina versus No. 11. He said they can’t leave Julio one on one with anyone and the pass-rush has to help put the back end.

Finally, with Hurrican Florence delaying and cancelling games, Joe told us the Panthers are looking at alternate schedules to get to Atlanta but nothing concrete has been announced yet.  ​

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