Carter more than on-court coach, ready to compete

Dukes & Bell
September 24, 2019 - 3:31 pm

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Atlanta Hawks star Vince Carter joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the upcoming season.

Vince talked about getting to know some of the young guys.

“Just being around here this week,” Carter said “Them getting to know me, and getting to know them and letting them know that I’m an open door for them. The thing that excites me more than anything is they want to be good and they want to get better.”

Carter told the guys he didn’t come back to help coach.

“I feel good,” Carter said. “I wouldn't come back if I wasn't able to compete and contribute. The worst part about this is the preseason, your body getting used to playing and practicing. I’ll be ready when the season is here.”

Vince discussed the biggest thing for young players' development.

“The faster the game can slow down for them the better,” Carter said. “With Trae last year after the All-Star break he just took off. I think the game slowed down for him and the same with Kevin Huerter. That’s two guys who will be on the perimeter that will give us some very needed buckets this year."