Gary Danielson: 'Texas A&M and Tennessee were both soft last year'

Dukes & Bell
July 18, 2018 - 5:57 pm

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Gary Danielson joined Dukes & Bell Wednesday during the “On the Sidelines with the ‘Dawgs” segment.

“I’m kinda a hermit in the offseason," said Danielson. "But now my alter ego takes over because people want to know my opinion on things.”

When asked about how he preps for games each week...

“[I study] at least two games of each, and then you have the background of being in the league," said the college football analyst. "I don’t think you can study your way into knowing what someone is going to do. I played the game, I called plays, I know what the coaches and players are thinking so its instinctual.”

Danielson talked about what it takes to play quarterback...

“Quarterback is a little bit different than any other position in sports," said Danielson. "A QB has to be able to handle being the guy, all the credit, the blame, the interviews. Some guys can’t handle that spotlight, an example is Joey Harrington out of Oregon he wasn’t comfortable being the guy, but you also have to be able to be a guy and understand everything people are going through.”