Heavy passing, scoring offense is NFL's "new normal"

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
October 11, 2018 - 11:28 am



If you think you've been watching a "new" NFL, you have.

Former New York Giants quarterback, and now NFL analyst for CBS Sports, Phil Simms joined John and Hugh and initially wondered how Hugh, a former defensive star, was dealing with today's proliferation of the game from a defensive standpoint. In otherwards, the NFL's new normal.

“(The league) is making it easier for all offenses in general. If you touch (the quarterback), it's pass interference. Don't hit the quarterback high, don't hit him low...they have to do it. People love the fact the offenses are having great years, they've got to protect the players as much as possible...Changing these rules, yes. It's definitely helped offenses and we see that.”

Simms also pointed to the amount of creativity that younger offensive coordinators have with even stronger, more talented weapons coming on that side of the ball.

"There’s so many skilled players and really a lot of tremendous offensive coordinators, and they can just do more than a defense can do."

You always hear the old addage from your parents: "We'll back in my day.." Simms said kids don't care about back in your day. They care about the game they're watching now, and scoring points his exciting.

"Our game, that you (Hugh) played and I played, is over. If scoring doesn't stay the way they want it, what are (the NFL) going to do? They'll change the rules. They'll make sure that it continues to be about scoring and quarterbacks, and that's what kind of drives the league unfortunately."