Chad Millman: 'My job is to make people smarter than their friends'

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
January 31, 2019 - 1:49 pm
Chad Millman

Paul Bible - Entercom Atlanta, WZGC 92.9 The Game


Chad talked about their premise to help sports fans smarter about betting and how to make bets. He says their job is to help people brag and be smarter than their friends.

Rick & John talked to Chad about prop bets for the SB including how many plays Tony Romo will call a play correctly. Chad said to know the data you have to study the film to know the facts.

Chad talked about the prop bet for Gladys Night and how long she will take to sing the National Anthem, as well as a bet for weather or not she will use a mic stand. 

Chad told us he is not worried about Todd Gurley's knee and told Rick to bet the over on the prop bet. Chad talked about his Chicago Bears and how they need to use Mitch Trubisky more and that's why they didn't get it done. They also talked about the fans trying to recreate the Cody Parkey missed FG.

March Madness is the closest event that comes close to the betting of the SB but it lasts a few weeks where they SB is a single day. Rick and Chad agreed that the Benz roo will be closed for the SB. ​