Charlie Leibrandt: "I like the Braves chances over the Phillies"

Chris Goforth
September 02, 2018 - 3:28 pm

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Former Atlanta Braves Pitcher Charlie Leibrandt joins Chirs Goforth and Harper LeBel to discuss his first time in the majors as we're seeing a bunch of the September callups, what it's like when the young guys come up, and when in 1991 they felt they truly had something, recalling "we were so young, we weren't smart enough to figure out the Dodgers should have won".

Charlie tlaks about what it was like seeing Deion Sanders play for both the Braves and Falcons, and shares an update of the progress of his son in the Phillies organization.

Charlie also touches on the NL East coming down to the Braves and the Phillies as he mentions that "I like the Braves chances over the Phillies this September" and his thoughts on this years squad, stating "The fans have a lot to look forward in the next four or five years".