Roquan Smith an embarrassment to the Bears?

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
May 10, 2018 - 7:43 am

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Has one Chicago Bears’ reporter gone too far when it comes to former Georgia Bulldogs linebacker and NFL rookie Roquan Smith?

Smith’s car got broken into while he was in Athens with someone robbing him of his team-issued iPad.

That iPad included the Bears’ playbook.

A reporter from the Chicago Tribune questioned whether this is a earliest instance of "embarrassment" for the team.

Is this the earliest the Bears have been embarrassed over their choice in the first round?

I’ll hang up and listen for Cade McNown’s history. Or Cedric Benson’s sideline actions. Or Shea McClellin’s being drafted in the first round at all.

Listen, rook, you can’t lose your playbook. You just can’t, especially when you haven’t run a single play yet. The playbook must be protected at all times. The playbook is the team’s bible. You don’t put the bible at risk in a car overnight.

John and Hugh discuss his way-over-the-top take. ​