Stokan: 'In 2020 we are going to have three kick-off games in a week'

Chris Goforth
August 25, 2018 - 10:33 am

© Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


Chick-fil-a Bowl President Gary Stokan joined the show to talk about the the Auburn/Washington game and the future of the Chick-fil-a kick-off games. 

The guys started off by asking Stokan about how they select teams for the kick-off games and Stokan replied with, “Our selection committee now picks the teams but a couple of years ago I spoke with Coach Petersen and he wanted to upgrade his schedule.” Stokan said he let Petersen know that Auburn was available to play and he was all for it.

The guys then asked how the TV partners help and Stokan replied, “They are competitive. We have been followed by kick-off games in Dallas, Orlando, Houston and Dallas.”

When asked about being the patriarch of neutral site games Stokan said, “We originally promoted this as the Daytona 500 of College Football but quickly got a cease and decease order from them.” Stokan continued to talk about the future of the kick-off games by saying, “In 2020 we are going to do three kick-off games in a week, which has never been done in College Football.”