Swinney on 2018: 'the most veteran team I’ve had'

Dukes & Bell
August 16, 2018 - 3:04 pm

© Ken Ruinard/ Staff


Dabo Swinney joined Dukes and Bell to talk some College Football and his Quarterback situation at Clemson “we have Kelly Bryant, Trevor Lawrence, Chase Brice and I think at some point this season you’re going to see all three of these guys.”

Coach Swinney told the guys what he’s learned about his team during fall practice to this point “This is the most veteran team I’ve had; they’ve had an incredible focus in how they approach practice each day kinda like freshman. The biggest thing I learned is this class that we signed, we really hit on, these guys have already demonstrated to me that they can play.”

 When asked about the state of college football with recent events Coach said “To be honest with you if you go back 20 years, there was probably something disappointing then, anytime you have people involved there’s always going to be poor decisions made, it’s easy to paint with a broad brush and we live in a hypersensitive world these days because of the technological world we live in. Social media is great because it helps get things out there, but it’s bad as well because it allows people to paint with a broad brush, and in any profession there is good and bad.”