Chubb: Baker is my guy, we're roommates on the road

Dukes & Bell
November 06, 2018 - 5:28 pm

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Former Dawg and current Cleveland Brown Running back Nick Chubb joined Dukes & Bell and talked about his new life in the NFL “It’s been fun, having a chance to play in the NFL which is every kids dream, I’m really enjoying it and just having fun.”

Nick talked to the guys about the chaos of the Hue Jackson firing last week “It’s different, at Georgia we had coaching changes but not in the middle of the season, so it’s a lot being a young guy in the middle of my first year so we’re just trying to keep our heads up. Crazy thing about it we were at the building in meetings and an ESPN alert went out and everyone realized our Head Coach had been fired and we didn’t know what to expect next.”

 When asked about playing with former Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield Chubb said “Baker’s my guy, he’s fun to play with he’s so competitive, I know a lot of Georgia people don’t like that because of the Rose Bowl but he’s a great guy. Occasionally it comes up with people talking around us, we’re roommates on the road so we watch Oklahoma and UGA games together but we don’t talk about it much.”

Nick told the guys what he thinks about his former team and their chances in the SEC Title game in December “I like it a lot, I think Coach Smart does a great job with those guys, the team is player led and they have a bad taste in their mouth from losing last year in that game, and I know that’s why they play so hard.”

Chubb talked about the Falcons defense and if there is any added incentive against his hometown team “I know the Falcons from being from Georgia, they have some good guys and I’m excited to play them, it’s still a game, every game is important I’m just going to do the same things I always do study up and play hard, I mean it is my home state but I don’t hate them or anything for not picking me.”