Bill Bender: 'Washington vs Auburn is the most important game this weekend"

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
August 28, 2018 - 11:38 am

Bill Bender from Sporting News joined Rick and John to discuss the full opening weekend of  College Football. Bill thinks Michigan vs. ND is big, the biggest game this weekend is Auburn vs. Washington. This game has implications more for Washington than it does Auburn as the Tigers still have multiple opportunities in the SEC to earn a Playoff spot even if they lose to Washington. 

The pivot to Alabma and Bill is confident Nick Saban will not announce his starting QB until they step on the field against Louisville. Bill also said he knows for a fact that if push comes to shove Saban will put the ball in Tua’s hands. They continue to go around the world of College Football and Bill laughed that anyone who thinks Harbaugh is on the hot seat is crazy because if Harbaugh had wanted to leave then he could have taken an NFL job this offseason. Bill agreed with John that Notre Dame could be a little over-hyped and ranked a little higher than maybe they should be. The key to the game for Notre Dame is will the game have any meaning later in the season for them.

Finally, they get into the Dawgs prep. for Austin Peay in Athens. Bill praised both QB’s for how they have practiced and their work ethic and said Kirby Smart is leaving the door open to have a dual QB situation. Regarding sleeper teams, he gives the nod to S. Carolina over Miss. St. 

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