Fiutak: Its CFB Playoff or bust for UGA

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
August 14, 2018 - 11:53 am

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Pete Fiutak publisher of College Football News joined Rick and John to talk about the latest in CFB. Pete agreed with Rick that Will Muschamp is out of his mind for saying an anonymous source isn’t legit. Pete remind us that if reporters are wrong with their sources there are lawsuits waiting to happen so they make sur their information is as rock solid as possible. Pete told us these things still happen in CFB where players are injured or worse due to practicing their particular sport because the coaches are trying to train them, coach them up, and be ready for the season. Pete doesn’t think DJ Durkin will keep his job over the death of a player and they won’t use the training staff as scapegoats to keep him. Pete said that Urban Meyer will survive and keep his job but doesn’t think he will be on the sideline for the opening game. Pete thinks because Urban Meyer finally came out and said he informed his superiors about Zach Smith that will help him keep his job. Pete mentioned that OSU will have to something to punisher Urban Meyer if they keep him and that may end up being a one game suspension. Finally, Pete thinks Georgia looks like a team that has recruited so well that they won’t lose a step this season similar to what Clemson did when they lost talent to the NFL. ​