Collins: 'I’m All in to Help Everybody in our Community'

Sam Crenshaw
May 31, 2020 - 10:58 am

Geoff Collins, head football coach of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, came on with Sam and Greg Sunday to talk about the events that have taken place in Atlanta and across the nation this past week. 

Due to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis by the hands of police, which was captured on video, there has been anger and unrest amongst the African American community. Protest erupted across the nation in support of justice, and Atlanta was one of those cities. What started as a peaceful protest Friday afternoon turned aggressive and violent.

Coach Collins was one of the first college football coaches in the Power 5 to make a statement in support of the African American community and speak on the injustices that have taken place.

In the interview with Sam & Greg, he talked about his love for the great city of Atlanta, being born and raised here. Collins wants to bring the community closer together and move forward in a positive way. Coach Collins shared his support for Mayor Bottoms and unselfishly offered his help in this time of need.