Dr. Dale Yake: 'Concussion dialogue needs to change'

Dale joins Greg Clarkson for a discussion on concussions

Greg Clarkson
November 10, 2018 - 8:48 am
James Conner

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It seems that every week, even with safer measures, that there are more and more players entering the concussion protocol. Could this be an over-reaction to class-action lawsuits against the NFL, or are these concussions being correctly diagnosed? Thursday night, Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back leaves the field, gets checked out, then comes back in to the game while the Steelers had a huge lead. The broadcast team was gushing over Conner and how "tough" he was and Dr. Dale Yake, CEO of P.T. Solutions and member of The Concussion Legacy Foundation, believes that this is where a major problem lies... in or dialogue. Dale joins Greg Clarkson from The Weekend Morning Show for a discussion on concussions and changing the dialogue.