Conti: 'Not going to be easy to waltz in here and earn 3 points'

Dukes & Bell
May 30, 2018 - 4:33 pm

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It was time for our Five stripes preview with voice of the United Mike Conti, Mike said the backline lineup will be based on what formation Tata decides to go with.

Talking about concerns with the field at Gillete Stadium in New England Mike told the guys “When you have this transition between football and soccer, there is an area where the sideline would be there’s more wear and tear, it’s not going to be easy to waltz in here and earn three points because this team is very good at home.”

 When asked about the roof being open for Saturday’s match, Mike said “I’m really excited for that, and the pitch is designed to be rained on, they have a drainage system and it’s going to really help the atmosphere there for a Saturday night match.”