Could Falcons Retain Quinn for 2020?

The signs are all there...

Thomas Mott
October 30, 2019 - 12:56 am

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So for the past 3+ weeks we’ve all heard the narrative that Dan Quinn will most likely not be the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons next season. We’ve heard this from national hosts in the media, writers and columnists in Atlanta and even from daytime hosts at this station like Dukes and Bell.

I myself have even said multiple times that the play on the field and the decisions off the field have not been up to par with the usual standard in the national football league.

However, something was revealed to me last night. My eyes have been opened and suddenly I think that Dan Quinn being let go at the end of the year might not be a foregone conclusion after all.



It was literally almost 2am last night and I was in our station’s bullpen talking to producer Greg Patton during a commercial break and he made a great point by stating that the Falcons are going to win a few games here after the bye and 6-10 might be enough for DQ to stay.

But with all that being said we have got to listen to all the signs.

  1. They drafted two offensive linemen. That always says they were thinking about the future.
  2. Two weeks ago Julio Jones stood up in the locker room and defended Dan Quinn.
  3. Other players have publically voiced that DQ is not the issue
  4. Austin Hooper said as early as yesterday that they are playing for DQ
  5. Mr. Arthur Blank has said he's not ready to make a move, yet.

Sign after sign after sign that this team is behind Quinn.


Finally, here’s the real kicker. 8 games are left. If he wins 5 of them I think he stays. Win 5, make sure 3 of them are divisional games and boom he probably stays.

I know people do not want to hear this. I’m in the same boat because I can’t ignore the lack of production on defense and the 1-7 record.

But in a city that has collectively already assumed Coach Quinn is going to be let go I think we need to read the signs and be ready for him to possibly stay another year.