Could Horford come back to the Hawks?

Greg Clarkson
June 30, 2019 - 10:43 am

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Everyone has wanted to know for months where KD, Kyrie, Kawhi, and other NBA players will end up in free agency. Kyrie looks to be heading to the Nets. Kemba Walker lok to be signing with the Celtics. Klay Thompson is expecting to reeive a max offer from Golden State. KD is visiting with the Knicks. But, people were not expecting Al Horford to not be in Boston in 2019 after leaving Atlanta for the northeast in 2016. Where will Horford go? Could the Hawks be a possible landing spot for the big man? NBA Insider Rashad Phillips goes over the Horford situation, where Kyrie, Kawhi, and others will end up, and what the Hawks should do when free agency opens.