Could Jake Matthews be key to a Falcons win Sunday?

Dukes & Bell
October 03, 2019 - 4:59 pm

Tim Warner / Stringer



Texans beat writer John McClain joined Dukes & Bell and talked some Falcons-Texans.

McClain talked about the roller coaster start to the Texans season.

 “The Texans before the season I would have said they would be 2-2, but when they beat the Chargers in LA people got really fired up.” McClain said “Watson had a great game, threw for 351 yards, they were 2-1 and had the Panthers coming in here, everyone got fired up they were the favorite and then they laid an egg.”

John told the guys the key matchups he was looking forward to.

 “Watt’s healthy, he hasn’t been hurt since 2017.” McClain said “People panicked when he didn’t have a sack in the first two games, he didn’t have one in the first two last year and still finished with sixteen sacks. There are two matchups I won’t to see Jake Matthews versus Whitney Mercilus the second one and I know they don’t go against each other but watching Deandre Hopkins versus Julio Jones is one that’s worth the price of admission.”