Could a Teheran-Frazier trade mutually benefit Braves, Yankees?

Knox Bardeen
February 06, 2019 - 4:12 pm
New York Yankees left fielder Clint Frazier

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In Sunday's episode of "Scout's Honor" with Paul Crane and Scouting Services, Inc.'s Director of Operations Dave-Te' Thomas, the duo spent some time hypotheticaly speaking about the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees.

While the Braves have an embarrassment of riches in their farm system with approximately "11 young kids who could start in the major leagues right now," Thomas mentioned the inordinate amount of walks Atlanta put up with from its youngsters on the mound. 

While Dallas Kuechel is still available on the free-agent market, Thomas mentioned that either Gio Gonzalez or Ervin Santana could be better suited on "make-good" contracts.

Since the conversation was on Atlanta's pitching staff, Thomas mentioned that the Yankees had, for some time, been keen on starting pitcher Julio Teheran.

"The Yankees have always had had an eye for him. The Yankees are overloaded in the outfield. Right now they've got a guy that [general manager Brian] Cash[man] has basically turned into a Four-A product. He's probably more miserable than Carrot Top, even though they both have the same hairdo, and that's Clint Frazier.

"Imagine Clint Frazier for Teheran. This would be an ideal trade where both teams get what they want. The Braves get themselves that fourth outfielder that more than likely will end up starting before the end of the year, and the Yankees get that sixth guy for their five-man rotation."

While this hypothetical trade doesn't help the Braves with a front-line starting pitcher, it would bolster Atlanta's bench, which Thomas believes isn't nearly as deep or strong as it needs to be.