Ronaldo to play MLS All-Star game in Atlanta?

Wendy Adams
July 06, 2018 - 10:11 am

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Atlanta United is looking to turn things around after a tough loss to FC Dallas in the final minutes Wednesday night. President Darren Eales joined John and Hugh on Monday to talk about the team’s road match against the Philadelphia Union on Saturday night.

The last meeting between these two teams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in June, there was a wild scene at the beginning of the game with two Union players being ejected, and playing down two men the rest of the way. Heading into this game, you have to wonder how United will match up 11-on-11.

“I’ve never scene a team lose it so fast, so quickly early on in the game," said Eales. "It’s a warning sign for us because before they had the men sent off, I thought they set themselves up pretty well in that first 10 minutes. We know we’re going to have a tough game. It’s a big match for them to get back above the playoff line. It’s a huge match for us in terms of showing that we can learn from midweek and put that behind us and hopefully get a win. It’s a massive game.”

Meanwhile, the MLS All-Star game is fast approaching with the best in MLS versus Juventus coming to Atlanta on August 1. The big news over in Europe is that soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is close to signing with Juventus from Real Madrid.

“This could be an even bigger game; imagine if that’s Cristiano's first game for Juventus, and he’s playing in Atlanta," said Eales. "It’s going to be an amazing experience.”

And there’s no doubt for Eales that if a deal does get done with Ronaldo, he will be in uniform at Mercedes-Benz.

“[Juventus] spent so much money in buying him, they’re going to want to market him straight away," said Eales. "And what a great litmus test for us with the players we have in the youngsters and how they rank against these world greats.”