Could playoff expansion energize MLB?

Dukes & Bell
February 11, 2020 - 6:00 pm

Should Major League Baseball expand its postseason? The guys on Dukes & Bell talked about what they think about the idea that the league has come up with.

Carl thinks that this could energize baseball.

“I’m old-school thinking when it comes to baseball, but then I see stuff like this and I go 'finally baseball is forward thinking,'" Dukes said. “Finally baseball is trying to bring more energy to something. Let’s be honest, it is kind of stale.”

Mike said he doesn’t want more teams in the playoffs.

“I personally don’t like having extra teams,” Bell said. “I don’t want to dilute it to where you’re the NBA, the 8th seed never wins. You’re basically devaluing a 162 game season. The Red Sox were 19 games out of first place last season.”