Could the NFL Have a Normal Season?

Dukes & Bell
May 27, 2020 - 6:27 pm

Could the NFL have a normal season? The guys on Dukes & Bell think it could and they tell you why.

Carl Dukes thinks that the NFL will have a normal season because their start date is off in the distant future.

“I think the NFL, I think they’re going to have a chance. (I'm) not saying it’s going to happen, but they’re going to have a chance to have normal, as normal as we can get, season,” Dukes said. “I really do. Of all the sports right now because of the time. If this pandemic happened in October and the NFL would have had to shut down, we would be talking about Major League Baseball being that sport that might be able to start on time with all the information we know.

"So that’s the deal with the NFL. They’re not as pressed as the other sports to resume because they haven’t started.”

Mike asked the question: Would you be willing to wear a mask if you could attend a football game?

“Maybe it might come down to October where we say every day barring more changes, and advancements, and what’s going to happen with the fight of Covid-19,” Bell said. “In the meantime we asked you guys, if you could go to football games but you would have to wear a mask would you?”