Ledbetter on missed call in New Orleans: Refs should have the power to review the play

Games shouldn't be decided by blatant mistakes.....

Dukes & Bell
January 22, 2019 - 5:09 pm

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Atlanta Falcons beat writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, D. Orlando Ledbetter, joined Dukes and Bell to recap his experience in New Orleans at the NFC Championship. Ledbetter on what happens with the rules moving forward, “They should have had the power to review the play and make the right call. You can’t go on playing games like this where games are decided by blatant mistakes.”

Ledbetter on what the refs should have done in New Orleans on Sunday, “They should have gotten together and made the right call. It wasn’t a questionable call like the punt in the AFC Championship game.”

Ledbetter on the game, “The Saints had a chance to make a number of plays. Players stepped up for the Rams. Guys like Aqib Talib and Dante Fowler stepped up when they need too and made plays.”

Ledbetter on Todd Gurley's lackluster performance, “Something was wrong with him. There was a rub route where he looked like he didn’t want the contact. Hopefully fans will get to see a healthy Toddy Gurley for the Super Bowl in Atlanta.”

Ledbetter went on to talk about the AFC Championship and the rumor that Rex Ryan could replace Bob Sutton as the new defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ledbetter on who will take over Kyle Flood’s role of helping Dan Quinn with clock management, “It should be the head coach’s role to manage the clock so I would just say do your job.”