Murphy: Riley must stay aggressive at plate

Dukes & Bell
June 12, 2019 - 6:14 pm

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Dale Murphy joined Dukes & Bell for his weekly segment and discussed the Keuchel signing, does he think the team still needs to add more pitching, and is he concerned about Austin Riley?

Murphy said he thinks Brian McCann was a factor in the Dallas Keuchel signing.

 “I think what happened this winter was concerning for everyone.” Murphy said “Then clubs talked about waiting until after the amateur draft, so people started asking when it would happen. I think this link between him and Brian McCann is pretty serious, when you’re a control pitcher you want a catcher like McCann that you know, the team is in the hunt for the playoffs and it was probably in the works for a while.”

Dale told the guys what the team needs to add before the deadline.

“It’s always pitching.” Murphy said “I always want the pitching to get better, offense will be fine, but Folty looked like he was starting to find his way but we’ve got to have him right, have to. You can just not have enough good pitcher, to me you need three aces, every night who you think can give you a chance to win.”

When asked if he was concerned about Austin Riley.

 “No question.” Murphy said “We all knew he would come back to earth a little bit, the strike out rate is a little concerning this is typical of what happens to young hitters. He’s going to be ok, I would tell him to not back off, to be aggressive every single time, when you’re worried about taking pitches that are off the plate you start taking pitches down the middle.”