GSU's Elliott moved by Dan Ellington's actions

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
November 19, 2019 - 8:08 am
Georgia State QB Dan Ellington

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Georgia State QB Dan Ellington left injured just before halftime of the loss to Louisiana Monroe and the Panthers found out he had torn his ACL.

Initially they had ruled Ellington out of the game against Appalachian State, but come Saturday night he was out there with the starters. 

Georgia State head Coach Shawn Elliott joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas and spoke about how his appearance in the game developed.

"We found out early it was an ACL tear and when you hear about that injury it's over with. His knee really didn't swell u or a whole lot of pain, I just assumed he was out. He calls me Monday night and says he wants to play. Tuesday he shows up with his helmet and jersey on and throws a little bit. Does everything in practice Wednesday and the knee seemed to be handling pretty well. We put together a plan to keep him upright and I wouldn't have ever put him out there if I thought we were going to put him in jeopardy. Dan did a remarkable job, what an incredible young man to do the things he did, what an unselfish act.".