Ready or Mott: Best Thing, Worst Thing

Best Audio and Articles from the Day

Thomas Mott
July 23, 2019 - 1:28 am

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Thomas Mott reviews the best and worst of the audio he heard and articles he read while preparing for the show.  This segment is always one of our favorites!

Best: Dan Quinn's Welcoming Address at Training Camp: Very movtivating.  Dan Quinn:"We have a lot of talent, but are we talent-ed?"  A very good question, and the goal is to visit Miami twice this year.

Best: Northwestern Head Coach, Pat Fitzgerald, talking about people using cell phones and the decline in attendance at football games:  Pat was spot-on with this statement.  Take some time to think about how much you're using cell phones, especially around other people.

Best: Harry Kane knocks in a goal from midfield as Tottenham Hotspur beat Juventus 3-2 in the International Cup. This is one of the craziest goals you'll ever see!

Worst: Pictures from the new LSU Locker Room.  People need to realize that paying players in college isn't going to happen anytime soon.  Don't be upset with LSU spending $28 million on new Locker Room facilities.  You can't pay the players, you have the money, might as well spend it on nice facilities to bring in better talent.