Dan Quinn: Nobody is safe

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
January 04, 2019 - 11:13 am

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Rick and John reacted to Dan Quinn threatening to scrub the entire O-Line.

The clip comes from the Coaches Show with Wes Durham and DQ says he is comfortable with center and left tackle on his O-Line but you can scrap the rest. John ran through the multi-year salary of the O-line with a handful of players contracts' are up. Rick broke down the word scrub use by Dan Quinn saying it could mean they are getting rid of players of they could clean up some of the payers they have.

John counters and told Rick he believes Dan will go scorched earth on everybody but Mack and Matthews however Rick told John he hears a coach (Dan Quinn) on the hot seat who doesn’t have a double-digit win season next year and he will be gone. Rick thinks DQ sounds desperate but John says he hears more disgust out of the Falcons head coach. 

Finally, John breaks down what the O-Line needs to improve in 2019 and it includes scrubbing a few big names. 

Click below to hear Rick and John Read Between the Lines of DQ calling out his O-Line.