Eales On Nagbe: 'He’s been a great signing'

Dukes & Bell
June 26, 2018 - 4:29 pm

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It was time for the weekly “Free Kick” segment with Atlanta United president Darren Eales on Dukes and Bell. 

“It’s a blow for us with Darlington [Nagbe], he’s been a great signing and played in every MLS game so far this year," said Eales. "I think other players are just going to have to step up, we’re always looking to bring players in, so keep your eyes peeled to see if we make a signing.”

When asked about playing Orlando City on Saturday...

“Since we’ve beat them they’ve lost seven straight and now looking for a new coach," said Eales. "It’s a dangerous time to play them because you don’t want to be the team to lose to them.”

 Randy asked about having six All-Stars voted into the game here in Atlanta later this year.

“Reality is we have six, no one’s ever had that," said Eales. "The most was four, and that’s a credit to our fans. We play first of August and Tata [Martino] will get to pick the rest of the players since he is the coach, it will be an All-Star team in the truest sense of it.”