Archer on Falcons OL: 'Alarming at the inability to block their players'

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
December 03, 2018 - 11:07 am

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While mathematically not out of playoff contention, the Atlanta Falcons playoff hopes are all but gone after a 26-16 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Falcons had their worst offensive performance of the season, finishing the game with 131 yards of total offense and averaging only 2.9 yards per play. Matt Ryan finished 16-26 for 131 yards and a lone touchdown that came in the final four minutes of the game.

Falcons Radio Network analyst Dave Archer joined The Morning Show with John and Hugh on Monday said this is the worst performance from a protection stand-point he's ever seen.

"It was a jailbreak, Hugh. I've never seen anything like it...Guys were physically getting beat at the line of scrimmage. At that point, there's not really much you can do."

The Falcons only mustered 34 rush-yards on 15 attempts. Archer said the lack of push from the offensive line limited what they could do from an offensive coordinator position.

"If you're Steve Sarkisian and you're calling plays, and my guys can't block your guys, then there's not a whole bunch I can do as far as a play caller goes. I can try to scheme you; I can do different types of formations and we can try to get the ball out quick, but Baltimore did a good job of hogging up on receivers to take those away."

Ryan was also under duress the majority of the game; the Ravens sacking him three times, one which was recovered for a score, and he was officially hit 7 times.

"It was alarming at the inability to block their players; just literally, physically block their players. It was disturbing."