Dave O'Brien: Braves can get Machado if they want him

Dukes & Bell
June 21, 2018 - 6:15 pm

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution beat writer Dave O’Brien joined Dukes and Bell Thursday to talk some Atlanta Braves. 

“Most teams are run as businesses, the Braves are certainly run as one by Liberty Media," said O'Brien. "While there are profitable revenues right now, they got themselves in tons of debt building the ball park and the battery. But in the first year or two a lot of those places in the battery weren’t even open yet, we met with the Braves brass and they explained it pretty clear while revenues are way up the profits just aren’t there yet allowing them to spend on payroll and they should have $30-40 million dollars of payroll to add next year.”

Randy asked O'Brien if the team would be able to sign Craig Kimbrel in free agency. 

“If they wanted Craig Kimbrel next year they could, but it wouldn’t make sense to, he’s about to be on the downside of his career soon, and he will sign a big contract because this will be his last," said the Braves writer. "Off the record I talked to guys about Machado, if they wanted to go get him they could, but they wanted to see what Dansby Swanson did this year, if he had fell on his face this year I think they would have went after Machado.”

When asked if the team will sit tight at the trade deadline...

“They will go over whatever the payroll is if there was a guy there," said O'Brien. "But Alex Anthopoulos doesn’t want to spend what it will take prospect wise to get a rental player, it’s just not worth it to him.”