O'Brien: Madison Bumgarner a real possibility for Braves

Dukes & Bell
November 27, 2018 - 5:53 pm

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Dave O’Brien joined Dukes & Bell and told the guys how he felt about the moves the team made on Monday. 

“I wasn’t expecting either one of these moves," said O'Brien. "It’s amazing how quiet Alex [Anthopoulos] was able to keep this. They reached the agreement with Brian [McCann] a week ago but he was going out of town, and a week later they announced. [Josh] Donaldson, I thought the price was going to be too much, but I wasn’t looking at it in the one-year deal. If he returns to form he could be looking at a big deal next year as a free agent somewhere else.”  

O’Brien told the guys if he thinks the team will bring back Nick Markakis/

“He’s still an option," said O’Brien. "I don’t think he’s their No. 1 option, but he’s still an option, I don’t think they’re going to trade top prospects for a pitcher, but I don’t think he’s ruled out trading for a right fielder. With Donaldson’s power now, you’re not ruling bringing Markakis back if he’s willing to take a little bit less. And I think Alex is looking to put resources in bringing in another top line starter and adding one piece in the bullpen.”

When asked about what the team will do if Dansby Swanson struggles this season...

“This gives you a lot of options," said O’Brien. "You could always move [Johan] Camargo or Ozzie [Albies] to short and Camargo to second, if it came to that. You have Austin Riley who could be ready at some point this year. It’s going to be interesting. They’re going to give Riley some time in the outfield in spring training so if he knocks the cover off the ball, and one of your outfield spots is struggling you can bring him up. They’re looking at player Camargo in Right field some, and even at first base so Freeman doesn’t have to play every game over there at first.”

O’Brien talked about if the Braves will go after a player like Edwin Diaz, and then mentioned another pitcher the team could go after.

“The ask is going to be awful rich because of all the years he’s under control," said O’Brien. "It’s going to take multiple top prospects and his philosophy is you don’t want to trade multiple top prospects for one guy who is one pitch away from his career being done. He would rather go out and get a guy for a year or two. Not many of these big contracts end up not being worth it, but I think Bumgarner is a real possibility, coming off a down year. He’s not old and he’s nails in the postseason and he could be huge for this staff, you talk about a bell cow guy, he’s a little different than running Julio Teheran out there.”