What's the Real Key to UGA Beating LSU?

Former QBs David Greene and Josh Booty share insights

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
December 06, 2019 - 9:19 am

UGA and LSU are set to square off on Saturday for the SEC Championship at Mercedes Benz Stadium here in Atlanta.

While LSU is favored in the game, there's certainly no real consensus that Georgia can't win.

Former UGA Quarterback David Greene joined John Fricke, Hugh Douglas, and Harry Douglas and explained what he sees as the key to the game.

"I think it's Georgia's offense against LSU's defense. If Georgia has a bunch of 3-and-outs, this game is going to be over early. You're only going to be able to hold those guys so many times."

"We have to put some good drives together and score touchdowns instead of field goals if we want to win this game."

David Greene wasn't the only former SEC Quarterback that John Frick and Hugh Douglas spoke to in advance of the SEC Championship.

Former LSU Quarterback Josh Booty sees things the exact same way, and explained why he felt the key to the game was also Georgia's offense and if they can produce against the LSU defense.

"Georgia's offense hasn't been as balanced as they'd like to have it," says Josh Booty. "There's been some problems getting open at receiver and D'Andre Swift is a little banged up. I think that offense vs, our (LSU's) defense is going to be the real key to the ball game.

"LSU's offense is going to score some points, Georgia's defense is not going to give up 40 or 50, heck of a defense, probably one of the best in the country. LSU's defense showed up last week against A&M, hadn't shown up all year, that's a big deal for us."