Pollack on Fields: potential to be a Deshaun Watson type of player

Dukes & Bell
August 28, 2018 - 5:15 pm

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David Pollack joined Dukes and Bell and talked about the QB battle in Athens “I don’t think it’s about paying respects, you know what Jake Fromm has done, he was along for the ride for most of the season and when you needed him the most he absolutely stepped up. Leadership is key as well, if you’ve been in a locker room you know how important it is, and Fromm is a leader on the team. Justin Fields has the 'potential to be a Jameis Winston, Deshaun Watson type of player' and he needs some time to develop, next year this will be a different conversation.”

 When asked about why Nick Saban will not name a starter for his Quarterback competition in Tuscaloosa Pollack said “Cause he’s Nick Saban, he doesn’t care what people think, look at what happened at Nebraska Martinez is named the starter, and the other guy bolts the next day, this is going to be a factor with the new transfer rule.”

David talked to the guys about who is the best Quarterback in the SEC this season “If you’re going to look at numbers and production it’s going to be Drew Lock, if Tua doesn’t come close to him. Tua is going to be the guy who can set the world on fire, they are so good up front, so deep at running back, so deep at wide receiver, now they have a trigger man. I would be shocked if Tua isn’t a front runner for the Heisman, and he’s going to be the guy that you point out as the best QB in the league at the end of the season.”