Sentell: 'Zamir White could be the best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson'

Dukes & Bell
August 09, 2018 - 5:30 pm

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The Dawgnation's Jeff Sentell joined Dukes and Bell to talk about the latest with UGA Football. Sentell kicked-off the conversation talking about football being in the air. Dukes and Bell asked Sentell do you trust Natrez Patrick to keep his head on straight? “There were so many plays that Roquan made last year that erased mistakes."  Georgia is hoping that the collection of linebackers can make up for the loss of Roquan Smith.

Sentell on the offensive line, “I think this offense line compares well to the greatest offensive lines in UGA history.” Sentell said that the average weight on the offensive line is roughly 322 pounds depending on who gets the starting jobs. Sentell said, “NFL Scouts are already drooling over Andrew Thomas.”

Dukes and Bell asked Sentell how is the running back rotation going to look? “Remember the name Zamir White.” Sentell went on to say that "Zamir White might be the best College RB since Adrian Peterson.” Sentell said James Cook looks explosive and Elijay Holyfield looks like he could be the “up the middle guy” who can grind out carries.

Sentell said UGA needs DeAndre Baker to step up and says that filling the role of big John Atkins is going to be an important piece in this defense’s development. He went on to say that if you take UGA out of the picture, Missouri has as many pre-season all-conference selections than the rest of the SEC East combined.

On the QB situation Sentell said, “You got to get Justin Fields ready to play. He said you could see a Chris Leak/Tim Tebow situation with Fromm and Fields.” Sentell said, “I have heard this is a QB blessing and not a Quarterback battle with Fromm and Fields being the only QB’s on the roster.”