Towers on Kirby to Tampa rumors: "Nothing to it"

Dukes & Bell
January 07, 2019 - 5:29 pm

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Chip Towers joined Dukes & Bell and addressed the rumors swirling about Kirby being interested in the Tampa Bay job “The people I’ve talked to say there’s nothing to it, logic tells me the same if you read the report the one that started this particular rumor mill going, I would imagine if Vince Lombardi was alive they’d be interested in talking to him as well. There’s a lot of agents that kick these things up because it’s smart business, I kind of take these things with a grain of salt.”

 Towers gave his take on the Sugar Bowl loss to Texas “I think Kirby definitely got some wall art out of this Sugar Bowl experience, and I never expected to see that kind of performance from the team, and it was certainly a distracted team, but I think bringing along DeAndre Baker and Justin Fields didn’t help the mindset of the team.”

When asked about if Kirby Smart is going to take over the Defensive Coordinator job “He is for now, I don’t know where he’s going with this job, I would assume whoever assumes this role to already speak Kirby, he called the defense in the Sugar Bowl. With recruiting going on right and you’re going to promote someone that is well known you might wait until after signing day is over.”

Chip talked about the potential fallout from the Justin Fields transfer “This is problematic no question, this is something that Kirby and his staff will have issues with in living rooms going forward, it’s not something that Georgia cannot overcome. The PR affect is something they will definitely have to deal with at least until the spring when they can show this won’t hurt them on the field."