D&B: Durant needs to grow up

Dukes & Bell
February 07, 2019 - 6:23 pm

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It was time for Dukes & Bell’s  John Foy Strong Arm story of the day as the guys talked about Kevin Durant who ripped into the media last night as he is tired of getting questions about where he might play next year among other things.

 Carl talked about Durant using the media when it's convenient 

 “There is a contractual obligation that says you will talk to the media." Carl said “Here’s my deal if you’re not going to talk then don’t talk ever, don’t use the media to get your message across and then be a baby when you don’t want to talk, grow up.”

 Mike said that Durant's actions are getting tiresome.

“You get paid millions of dollars, and that comes with it." Mike said  "You are a big baby and you need to stop it with this.”