Is the Losing DNA completely out of the Falcons System?

Can the Front Office be Trusted?

December 29, 2019 - 4:00 pm
Arthur Blank



To kickoff his show yesterday Will Palaszczuk gave his take on the decision by Falcons owner Arthur Blank, to retain Head Coach Dan Quinn and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff for another year. Will had two main questions about this decision. 

One, Is the losing DNA that resulted in a six-game losing streak this year, and a five-game losing streak in each of the previous two years completely out of the system of this football team and coaching staff? Will says while the Falcons clearing up twelve million dollars in cap space just by restructuring the deals of Matt Ryan and Grady Jarrett is “very encouraging” he just doesn’t know if that losing DNA is still lingering in the Falcons organization or not. 

The other question Will has about Arthur Blank’s decision is can this front office be trusted? General Manager Thomas Dimitroff has made some great moves in the draft, and in Free Agency by drafting Matt Ryan, Deion Jones, Calvin Ridley, Grady Jarrett, and of course moving up in the draft to get an All-Time Great in Julio Jones. Also, in the offseason before the Falcons’ Super Bowl season in 2016 Dimitroff solidified the offensive line by getting a future Hall of Fame center Alex Mack. However, Dimitroff has also made some questionable decisions in the draft. He drafted Deadrin Senat in the third round in 2018, and even though this is only Senat’s second year in the league he has only been active for two games this year including today’s game vs. the Buccaneers. Duke Riley was drafted in the third round of 2017, and he of course is no longer on the team anymore after being traded to the Eagles midseason. You can say the jury is still out on Vic Beasley, but after being drafted eighth overall in 2015 by Dimitroff and the Falcons he only has one double digit sack season. Dimitroff has made some great moves and has drafted some great players, but it seems like he has missed more than he has hit when it comes to the draft. 

At the end of the day Will knows that even if changes would’ve been made that doesn’t guarantee the Falcons will any better next year. However his personal belief is that the Falcons were right to keep Dan Quinn, but should’ve moved on from Thomas Dimitroff. Dan Quinn and Dimitroff will both be back for the Falcons though in 2020, and they both know they must produce a team who is at least in the playoffs next year if they want to keep their jobs after next year. The questions until this time next year now are Will Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff capitalize on their last chance? Will Arthur Blank’s decision turn out to be the right one, or was the route of change the way to go?