Shockley on Calvin Ridley: 'Don't be surprised when he breaks a few [TDs]'

Dukes & Bell
August 15, 2018 - 5:48 pm

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DJ Shockley joined Dukes and Bell to talk about our Atlanta Falcons and was asked about the first preseason game.

"It was tough to watch for sure, but you have those first game jitters, trying to do everything right and guys just have to settle down," said Shockley. "Not much you can take away from it and say this is where we will be in three weeks."

Shock continued on his takeaway from the first preseason game...

"For me it was up front," said the former Falcons quarterback. "You weren't able to run the football or move people up there, and that's something you have to be able to do and in game two you're going to be have to show you can do that."

When asked about how he thinks the team will use Calvin Ridley...

"I don't think he's a guy they are going to use like Taylor Gabriel," said Shockley. "He can do a lot of damage on the outside, we know how good [Mohamed] Sanu is in the slot. I expect them to do with him what they do with Julio, with Sanu and play him everywhere, he's going to be one of those guys that if you get him in space don't be surprised when he breaks a few."