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Do you trust Luke Jackson?

July 12, 2019 - 3:29 pm

Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell joined the guys to talk about the second half of the season, will the Braves make a move at the trade deadline, and do you trust Luke Jackson?

Joe told the guys this thoughts on if the Braves make a move at the deadline.

“My percentage would be 95% they do.” Patrick said “I would be shocked if they don’t make a move, this team is too good not to make a move to better it for the postseason, It could be a move for an ace type of pitcher or a move could strengthen the bullpen.”

 When asked the latest with Ender Inciarte.

“He hasn’t been good in his minor league starts.” Patrick said “Until he gets his bat working I don’t see him coming up, if he can get his bat going it’s a different story because he gives you a gold glove out there. Maybe he could be a guy that comes in late in games to help make you better defensively but he doesn’t have that as much versatility with his bat.”

Patrick told us if he trusts Luke Jackson moving forward as the closer.

 “I do not trust Luke Jackson in a playoff series.” Patrick said “I think the Braves are fine with Luke Jackson to get them to the playoffs, but we don’t know what that playoff pressure will do to him, the problem with him he just gives up a lot of base runners, but they come off balls that aren’t very hard hit. I would like to see them add a closer, maybe not a guy to take his job just a guy to bring in if he gets in trouble in those high leverage situations.”