Pauline: Falcons will go DT & CB in first two rounds

Dukes & Bell
April 24, 2019 - 6:45 pm

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Tony Pauline of draft joined Dukes & Bell to preview tomorrow night’s NFL draft and what our Atlanta Falcons might do with the fourteenth overall pick.

Tony told the guys who he thinks the Falcons will take at 14.

“Everything I’m hearing says it’s going to be defensive tackle.” Pauline said “I have them taking Christian Wilkins, he’s more athletic than Daron Payne who they were high on last year but missed out on, I don’t think there is a corner worth taking at 14, I think Wilkins is a day 1 starter.”

Pauline told the guys how good he thinks Quinnen Williams could be.

 “He has the potential to be an all-pro down the road.” Pauline said “He’s my number one rated player on the board just ahead of Nick Bosa, I think two or three years down the road if he’s hitting on all cylinders and achieves what people think he will achieve he will the be the best player in this draft.”

When asked how far the Falcons would have to move up to get Ed Oliver.

 “The third pick is on the market, and that’s where they would have to move to get Ed Oliver.” Pauline said “The Jets want picks this year, they are desperate for picks this season, his stock has shot up and people are now viewing him as a top five selection.”

Tony told the guys who he has the Falcons taking with their second round pick.

 “In my mock draft I have them taking Deandre Baker in round 2.” Pauline said “I don’t think he’s going in the first round, the cornerback’s in this draft are all over the place, a player they like a lot is Sean Bunting out of Central Michigan, I think they will go Defensive tackle in round 1 and cornerback in round 2.”

Pauline talked about the offensive lineman the team could take in the draft.

 “I don’t know that Dillard will be there.” Pauline said “I think it would be Cody Ford, it’s a little bit early for Ford, keep the name Tytus Howard on the brain, he’s a guy I know they have on the radar some people think he can slide late into round 1, if he’s there in round two he’s a guy who could be one of the best players to come out of this draft.”