The Midday Show is desperate for your vote

Mark Owens
November 06, 2018 - 11:49 am

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Mark Owens has served as the Midday Show President since 2016, but his 2 years are up, so it's time to elect (or re-elect) a leader of the midday. 

Rick is running on a campaign to bring a Championship back to Atlanta within 4 months. He promises to bring mind blowing parades to the city. 

John is a man of the people and wants you to vote for his policies that include limiting gimmicks in College Football and will give local players the love they deserve. 

Paul Bible wants you to know that if you want to get on the air or win a prize, you must go through him and thats why he wants your vote. 

Finally, incumbant Mark Owens wants to continue the party and growth that the sports franchises have seen under his watch. 

Click below to hear the entire campaign speeches and vote at @RickandJohn929 to vote