Elliott: "Grossly unfair" Group of Five not considered for CFB Playoff

Georgia State coach Shawn Elliott talks season opener and CFB playoff

Wendy Adams
August 28, 2018 - 10:55 am

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Georgia State is a couple of days away from their inagural meeting against Kennesaw State to kickoff their football season. 

Georgia State is coming off their first FBS winning season (7-5) and first bowl game victory (AutoNation Cure Bowl) in program history. Second-year head coach Shawn Elliott is starting to feel the nerves as the season opener inches closer:

"I don't know how all these other football coaches are but I stay nervous year-round. I probably looked relaxed but I'm nervous. It's the adrenaline that gets you going, and I love the game. If you don't have that sense of nervousness, I don't know who you are. You're not human." 

Georgia State's first month isn't an easy one as they'll be on the road at N.C. State, at Memphis and then home for a date with Western Michigan. Coach Elliott recognizes the brutal schedule ahead but says his only focus is the Owls:

"We don't look too much forward into our season...We've got a big game coming up this Thursday evening against Kennesaw State, and a well coached football team. We have the opportunity to go out there and put our talent on showcase in our stadium, in front of our fans and have a big night. That's the No. 1 thing we have going for us right now."

Much has been discussed about schools outside of the Power 5 conferences being considered for the College Football Playoff; especially after undefeated UCF was left out of the Top 4 last season. When the AP Top 25 came out, there were only two group-of-five members in the poll: UCF and Boise State. To John Fricke, it's basically the committee signaling that if you're not in the Power 5, you have no chance at making the CFB Playoff. Being a coach in the Sunbelt, Coach Elliott agrees with former UCF coach Scott Frost (now at Nebraska), that no consideration by the committee is unfair.

"We certainly have to stand up and say that's it's grossly unfair. We're fighting an uphill battle. We play good football; it's very evident in some of the contests that you go out and you watch in the Group of Five. But we got to continue to grow snd put our resume out there. If we're worthy of it, and we've got the quality wins over quality opponents to get us up there into the discussion of the playoff or Top 25, then so be it. That's the only thing that we can control at this point, and that's certainly what we have to do as the teams in this conference."

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